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1.1.    About us. Welcome to the Quote My Audi tool ("Tool") located at ("Site"), which is owned and operated by Audi UK, a trading division of Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited, a company incorporated in England ("we", "our" or "us", as applicable). For further information about us and our contact details, please visit our Contact Us page.



1.2    Terms that apply to your use of the Tool. We have set out below important terms that specifically relate to your use of the Tool. Please read these before using the Tool. However, please note that our Terms and Conditions and the policies referred to in them will also apply to your use of the Tool. In particular, please read the terms relating to the limitations of our liability to you, before using the Tool. Our Privacy Policysets out how we use data relating to you that you submit to us when using the Tool, please read this carefully as it also forms part of the terms that apply to your use of the Tool.



1.3    Eligibility. In order to be eligible to use the Tool you must be 18 years of age or older and be permanently resident within the United Kingdom, not have been declined for credit in the last month and not have a history of bad credit.



1.4    The features of our Tool. The Tool is an online quotation and valuation tool which you can use to specify the model, engine, fuel type, trim and colour of your Audi vehicle. The Tool provides an indication of the current part exchange value of your vehicle and lists the price and finance plans available for the purchase of the vehicle you have specified.



1.5    Using our Tool. We provide the Tool for your private, non-commercial use only within the UK. You may not use the Tool for commercial, business or resale purposes and we reserve the right to restrict your usage of the Tool and other data services at any time. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, you shall not carry out data mining, screen scraping or crawling of our Tool or use any process or processes that send automated queries to the Tool unless you have obtained our prior written consent.



1.6    Generating a quote. Once an online quotation has been generated, we will email to the address you provide a unique link that you can use to access details of your quote. For security reasons, you will be prompted to insert your date of birth before you can retrieve your quotation. You will be able to access the link for 30 days from when the quote was generated. Please note that the quotations we provide are given as an indication only and may be subject to change.



1.7    Expressions used on the Site to describe part exchange vehicle conditions. There are a number of defined expressions that we use within the Tool to describe the condition of different aspects of the part exchange vehicle you notify us about (such as, "Excellent”, "Good” and "Average”). We will provide you with an opportunity to read the full list of expressions at the point you use the part exchange feature of the Tool. However, if you would like to view these definitions sooner, please visit our Part Exchange Vehicle Condition Definitions page.







2.1    There are a number of legal agreements which you will need to enter into, at your local Audi Centre, if you decide to: part exchange your vehicle, purchase an Audi vehicle or enter into one of our financial arrangements ("Vehicle Agreements"). We (Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited) do not enter into these agreements and as we are not a party to them, do not have any obligations under them. The Agreements will instead each be with different companies who will be providing a different aspect of the transaction where applicable (e.g. your purchase of an Audi vehicle, the provision of finance or, in the case of part exchange, the sale of your own vehicle). The Vehicle Agreements will not become legally binding until you sign the relevant agreement. Those agreements include, agreements for:



2.1.1    the part exchange of your vehicle, to be entered into with your chosen Audi Centre;



2.1.2    the purchase of the vehicle, to be entered into with your chosen Audi Centre; and



2.1.3    finance arrangements, to be entered into with our affiliated financial services company, Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Ltd.



2.2    The Vehicle Agreements are not concluded on the Site as you will need to visit the applicable Audi Centre to purchase the vehicle. An Audi representative will provide and discuss with you the terms of the Vehicle Agreements and if you decide to proceed with the part exchange, purchase and/or finance arrangement, the relevant Vehicle Agreements will be entered into at the Audi Centre.



2.3    Please note, the price quotations and finance plan options that our Tool presents to you are provided as an indication only.






3.1    Valuations for your part exchange ("Valuations") are for information only and do not amount to an offer to purchase the vehicle. Valuations are given as guide prices and we do not promise that you will be able to sell, or buy a vehicle for the Valuation received. The actual sale or purchase price of your vehicle is dependent on our inspection and on a number of additional factors, including colour and condition of the vehicle, supply of similar cars within the open market, promotions on offer and location. You agree that you may therefore achieve a sale or purchase of a used vehicle at a level higher or lower than the Valuation.



3.2    Valuations are provided on the basis of a single transaction between a domestic vehicle user buying or selling a vehicle in a private non-commercial capacity (typically known as an Average Private Sale price).



3.3    Valuations are based on the information provided by you and accordingly you must provide complete and accurate information for a Valuation.



3.4    Valuations are based on assumptions as to the vehicles condition, such as: taking into account their age and normal usage; that the vehicle is right hand drive with UK registration plates (i.e. not an import); it is not a "non-runner” (i.e. its" engine starts and continues to operate while stationary); it has never been an insurance write-off; it has never been used for rental, private hire, driving tuition or as a police vehicle; and there are two sets of keys for the vehicle. Our Valuations are not adjusted to allow for any remedial work that has been undertaken to restore vehicles to an unusually high standard such as the condition in which a vehicle may be presented at a motor show. This applies especially to vehicles that could be considered as models with historical interest ("classic cars"), or those that are collected by enthusiasts. The Valuation figure provided is exclusive of road tax.



3.5    As part of creating a quote, we may not be able to provide a part exchange valuation for vehicles that are:



    3.5.1 outside the age range of 3 months to 20 years old;



    3.5.2    outside the mileage range of 1,000 - 200,000 miles;



3.5.3    specialist, customised or limited edition;



3.5.4    in short supply or rare; or



3.5.5    not registered from new in the United Kingdom.



3.6    For the purpose of obtaining a Valuation, mileage provided by you is rounded down to the nearest thousand miles.


3.7    Deposit contributions may be available when your vehicle is purchased through the Solutions Personal Contract Plan finance product, separate terms and conditions apply.